Adressing the interactome with protein-protein interaction assays

Protein-protein interactions: cover them all with one approach

This brochure illustrates the possibilities and versatility of protein-protein interaction studies. It features six relevant examples of various interaction types taken from literature to show you how studies can be handled with the time-resolved fret-based HTRF approach, including virus blockade, receptor/ligand binding, protease activity, and more.


  • Introduction to the stakes of protein-protein interaction research
  • Illustration of 6 published interaction studies involving biologics or small molecules


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The ultimate guide to PPI assays with HTRF

Get this rich guide to find out everything you need to know about HTRF solutions for protein-protein interaction studies and the best ways to implement them.

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PPI assays are like sandwiches: custom-made are best

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Check out this infographic to see how easy it is to compose your own assay, and discover how close you really are to the experiment your studies need.

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