Technical Note

Optimization and Pharmacological Validation of Wild Type Beta-Arrestin 2 Plasmid Transfection

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Technical Note

Transfect Cell Lines & Achieve Improved Beta-Arrestin Assay Windows

Studying beta-arrestin in CHO-K1 cells has proven difficult since endogenous expression of beta-arrestin 2 is low in this cell line. This technical note provides details on how transfecting cell lines with a beta-arrestin plasmid can lead to an increase in beta-arrestin 2 recruitment signals and restoration of beta-arrestin 2 in otherwise deficient cells.

Utilize this note for the best practices for achieving effective transfection and improving the assay window between 10% and 100%+.

Key Parameters Covered:

  • Amount of transfected DNA
  • Expression levels of AP2 and Alpha-tubulin
  • Beta-arrestin 2 expression levels and associated beta-arrestin 2 assay delta F (ΔF) of the resulting transfection

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