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Key success tips to perform β-arrestin 2 recruitment assays by using the B-arr2 recruitment kit with GPCRs

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Follow this technical note to obtain the best possible B-arr2 assay outcomes

β-arrestin 2 plays a central role in GPCR signaling pathways by regulating agonist-mediated GPCR mechanisms. The B-rr2 recruitment kit is a highly sensitive and specific tool for monitoring cellular interaction between β-arrestin 2 and AP2 as a reading of β-arrestin 2 at the GPCR. This technical note was designed to help you optimize your B-arr2 recruitment assay results.

Discover valuable tips addressing: 

  • How the fold of change measured in B-arr2 recruitment assays is related to the cell density and the expression of endogenous AP2/B-arr2 but not directly to the expression of GPCRs
  • How to carry-out the two-option protocol for B-arr2 recruitment assays and the interest of both options
  • The compatibility of the B-arr2 recruitment kit with CHO-K1 cells


Download  Tech Note

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