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Monitoring CAR-T cells activation and their cytotoxicity

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Mockup CAR-T cells literature review

CAR-T cells - a new immunotherapy strategy used in the destruction of tumor cells

CAR-T cells (for T cells carrying a chimeric receptor) are involved in gene therapies. These new treatments are currently used in onco-hematology. The cells are made from the patient's own T-lymphocytes. When genetically modified and reinjected, they are capable of specifically recognizing and destroying cancer cells after binding to the tumor antigen by releasing a mixture of cytokines and pro-inflammatory chemokines.

This literature review, based on several scientific publications, focuses on the activation of CAR-T cells in vitro, monitored by using our homogeneous technologies such as AlphaLISA® and HTRF®. These methods are simple, sensitive, and robust, while consuming a minimum of samples and providing results faster than ELISA tests.

See below the different points monitored by our technologies in this literature review:

  • Measurement of cell proliferation and cytokine release
  • Cytotoxicity tests: DELFIA Eu TDA in CAR-T co-culture
  • Cytotoxicity percentage measurement of CD19-expressing target cell lines
  • Measurement of IFN concentrations-γ

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