Download your poster on HTRF phospho-protein assay compatibility from in vitro to in vivo models

A single technology for 2D cells, 3D cells, and xenograft models

This poster demonstrates that HTRF phospho/total protein assays are universal and highly versatile, while maximizing the transition of anticancer drug discovery research programs from in vitro to in vivo tumor models.


  • Step-by-step protocols
  • Parallel phosphorylation analysis


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Exploiting phospho-protein and total phospho assay data

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This Application Note provides you guidelines and tips for data normalization to get the best of your HTRF phospho assays. 

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Key guidelines to successful cell signaling experiments

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Drawing on hundreds of data sets and cases established by Revvity scientists over the years, this guide provides you with the latest guidelines for optimizing cell signaling assays.

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