Download your poster on analysis of insulino-secreter and anti-apoptotic compounds in type 2 diabetes


Insulin secretion triggered by glucose is potentiated by the activation of receptors coupled to G proteins (Galphas) (RCPGs), such as the GLP-1 (RGLP-1) or GPR-119 receptors. The agonists of these receptors have been widely studied for treating type 2 diabetes. In order to better characterize and compare the insulinosecretor and/or antiapoptotic abilities of these receptor agonists, we have developed a new multi-parametric approach based on HTRF technology and which enables key parameters to be followed simultaneously: insulin secretion, the production of second messengers (cAMP), and the activation of survival transcription factors, such as CREB (cAMP-responsive element binding protein), by phosphorylation.