Oxford Immunotec is now Revvity

Oxford Immunotec's T-SPOT.TB test and other leading products and services are now part of Revvity's portfolio. In May, Revvity launched as a science-based solutions company focused on developing technologies and solutions across disease pathways to help solve the world's greatest health challenges.

Frequently asked questions

What does this change mean for Oxford Immunotec, Oxford Diagnostic Laboratories and Certimmune customers?

Our commitment to our customers will remain our highest priority and our established products and services will not disappear. There will be no changes to the products, or the product brand names, but they will eventually have a fresh look.

  • There is little that will change in your day-to-day relationship with us. You will still be in touch with the same people; our phone numbers will remain the same, and we will keep you informed about our new email addresses. The current ones will continue to work.

    As we proceed with implementing the Revvity brand, we will not be changing the name of our local legal entities in the foreseeable future, and, as a result, the name on our bank accounts will not change. Please note that the rest of the bank details will remain the same.

    Your contract with us won't be amended or affected by the change unless told otherwise. For service or support you can continue to reach out to our Customer Experience team as you have done before.

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  • In the United States, the T-SPOT.TB test will now be exclusively available and supported through EUROIMMUN US, also a part of Revvity.

    EUROIMMUN is a leading manufacturer of medical laboratory diagnostics worldwide and offers an extensive product portfolio of test systems using a variety of technology platforms to support the accurate and timely diagnosis of autoimmune disorders, infectious diseases, allergies, and more.

    Beginning July 1, to place an order for the T-SPOT.TB test and related products, please email order@euroimmun.us. Details regarding updated account information and sales contacts have been provided individually to all current US Oxford Immunotec customers.

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Will any part of Oxford Immunotec's legacy or values live on with the new brand?

The Oxford Immunotec brand is a treasured one, however we're starting fresh with Revvity who continue to be committed to developing and supporting high-quality solutions for tuberculosis diagnostics.

When will the branding on products change to Revvity?

This transition will take place on a rolling basis over several months. Please note that product labelling (such as kit insert, product label, and kit box) may be different compared to the company branding. Please contact your local representative for further details.

How do I request a quote if I want to buy a new Revvity product or service?

You can visit the Revvity Contact Us form on www.revvity.com to request a quotation or information on any products and services Revvity offers.

So, what does "Revvity" mean?

"Revvity" was born from two words, "revolutionize" (rev) and "vita" (vit) that means "life" in Latin. It represents our commitment to revolutionizing life through developing technologies and solutions for a healthier humankind.

What does Revvity want to be recognized for?

The purpose of Revvity is to expand the boundaries of human potential through science. Revvity embraces challenges. By bringing a myriad of skills, capabilities, and people together to challenge orthodoxy, expanding boundaries in pursuit of a better future for human health.

Where can the portfolio of products and services offered by Revvity be found?

You can visit the Portfolio section on www.revvity.com to learn and gain access to more information about Research & Development, Clinical & Diagnostics, Platforms & Automation, Advanced Services & Licensing and Signals Software products and services.

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