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Literature review about solid tumors

Investigating therapeutic candidates’ effects on two solid cancers

In oncology, we classify cancers into two general categories: blood cancers and solid tumor cancers. The latter are cancer cell stacks that can aggregate in either epithelial tissues, in which case they form carcinomas, or in supportive tissues, to develop into sarcomas. Each has its own special features, but both are challenging for researchers with, among others, a lack of expression of tumor-specific antigen targets in these cancers. This note highlights two studies that used biochemical and cell-based assays to help characterize and develop new treatments to target Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma (NSCLC) and Soft Tissue Sarcomas (STS).

Featured in this note:

• Assay principle and workflow

• Consistent results (data and graphs)

• Informative materials and methods, including references

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