Protein degradation awareness in a single guide

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Exclusive guide to protein degradation

An in-depth review of molecular and cellular pathways

The maintenance of proteostasis, the biological mechanisms that control the fate of a protein from synthesis to degradation, is ensured by complex and interconnected pathways controlling protein abundance, turnover, folding, functions, subcellular localization, and ultimate degradation. Impaired proteostasis can lead to the accumulation of damaged or aggregated proteins, or conversely, to excessive protein degradation. Proteostasis is thus involved in pathologies such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, and neurodegenerative disorders.

This protein degradation booklet helps scientists and researchers appreciate and navigate the diversity of molecular pathways associated with protein degradation

Check out this exclusive guide that includes:
  • Key information about the ubiquitin structure, function, and regulation
  • The cellular and molecular understandings on proteasome and autophagy degradation machinery
  • An overview of current therapeutic strategies, as well as the promising PROTAC approach to specifically target protein degradation

Download  Guide

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