Protein Degradation - A Path to New Therapeutics eBook

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Protein Degradation eBook

Get up to speed with the latest developments on PROTAC® design and validation

Harnessing the power of the cellular protein and organelle recycling systems, namely the ubiquitin-proteasome system and the autophagy-lysosome system is the new pharmaceutical holy grail, as it could -in theory- permit the targeting of previously undruggable proteins. Among the targeted protein degradation technologies that have been developed, the most well-known one is arguably PROTAC® and clinical trials involving PROTAC® molecules are already underway.

This eBook, produced by GEN and sponsored by Revvity, navigates the landscape of targeted protein degradation technologies summarizing key information about protein homeostasis, its regulation and latest trends around PROTAC® design and optimization. It also explores how Revvity’s AlphaLISA® and HTRF® no-wash immunoassays can be applied in PROTAC® validation workflows.

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