Exploring the Roles of β-Arrestins and Their Therapeutic Potential in GPCR Signaling

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Deepen Your β-Arrestin Knowledge

β-arrestin 1 and β-arrestin 2 control nearly all GPCRs within the human body, and the emerging importance of arrestins in executing the downstream functions of GPCRs continues to capture the interest of those working in drug discovery.

To support β-arrestin research, this eBook offers a comprehensive look into the science as well as the execution of research.  You will find:

  • Background on GPCRs and β-arrestins
  • Articles with research regarding therapeutic implications for β-arrestins
  • Application notes providing materials and methods, data analysis, and results
  • Videos on the β-arrestin Recruitment Assay, including a webinar and a protocol video

Download  eBook

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