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The Issue of CHO HCPs During Biopharmaceutical Production

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Detecting and Quantifying Them With Automatable Homogeneous Immunoassays

In recent years recombinant therapeutic proteins and highly potent medicines produced in expression hosts have opened up new therapies for previously hard-to- treatdiseases. During the production process the host organisms, most of the time Chinese Hamster Ovary cells (CHO), also produce impurities coming from the normal cell machinery that are called Host Cell Proteins (HCPs). In this fast-expanding industry, removing these contaminants to meet regulatory requirements is one of the biggest and most costly challenges.

This Guide gives you an insight into biotherapeutics manufacturing, exploring the latest strategies and tools to quantify CHO HCPs and presenting their benefits compared to the ELISA standard approach.


  1. A description of the global biopharmaceutical landscape, including market studies and manufacturing processes

  2. A summary of the assay’s principles with detailed figures : ELISA, HTRF®, or AlphaLISA®

  3. A comparison of the technological features

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