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Uncover the Full Potential of PROTAC®s with a No-Wash HTRF Platform

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A BRD4 Case Study

BRD4 is involved in gene transcription and is frequently dysregulated in many types of cancer. It is one of the most studied proteins in the Targeted Protein Degradation space where a number of PROTAC® molecules are being developed.

This note describes a method for in-depth characterization of PROTAC®s with a no-wash platform comprising biochemical and cell-based HTRF assays, using BRD4 as a case study.

Featured in this note:

  • Assay principle and workflow
  • Detailed results (graphs and data) of key PROTAC®s features including binding efficiency, degradation efficiency, selectivity, and mechanism of action
  • Informative materials and methods, including references

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